Efficiency is a big part in the deciding which heat pump system is best for your home. A higher efficiency system means less power consumption. What that means to you, the homeowner, is that you can stay comfortable while consuming less power which in turn means spending less money on electricity.

AHRI, The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is the trade association representing manufacturers of HVACR and water heating equipment within the global industry. It is the trusted source for documents certifying the efficiency of a heat pump system. AHRI has a certification program that is relied heavily upon by regulators for accurate and unbiased evaluation of heating, water heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and commercial refrigeration equipment. AHRI also develops industry-recognized performance standards for industry equipment.

When you are looking for a new heat pump, be it a Trane, Mitsubishi or any other brand, always ask for the AHRI certificate for the system. It is a normal part of our presentations. We want our homeowners to know and understand all the facts about their purchase.