Mitsubishi found they have dealers doing an outstanding job installing and servicing Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps. They created the Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer designation to recognize the superb job these dealers were doing. Among these Diamond dealers Mitsubishi found dealers who distinguished themselves even more so. Mitsubishi has decided to honor these outstanding contractors with a new title, Elite Diamond Contractor.

Renaud Electric Heating & Cooling has been named a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Dealer. It is your assurance when you deal with Renaud Electric Heating & Cooling you are dealing with the type of company you deserve. A company that has factory trained installers and technicians. Design associates who will take the time to thoroughly go over your needs and concerns so the finished installation will give you the comfort, energy savings, and value you are seeking.

Our service technicians Bill, Mike and Matt have all experienced hands-on Mitsubishi Factory Training to ensure our customers have the best minds to service and repair their ductless heat pump. Tech Donovan will be attending hands-on Factory Training with Mitsubishi in February 2016 to complete the ductless training of our service department technicians.

Matt Reviewing Class Notes

Matt Reviewing Class Notes

Renaud Electric’s Design Team will assist with the purchase and installation details of your new system. Does it seem like you don’t have a good place to put an indoor unit? Our Design Team will review placement to ensure best function and best looking place for the unit. While many homeowners don’t even notice the unit a few weeks after the heat pump is installed, the initial placement of the unit can make all the difference to enjoying the comfort your new heat pump brings summer and winter.

One aspect of being a Mitsubishi ELITE Diamond Dealer is volume. Renaud Electric Heating and Cooling has installed a lot of ductless heat pumps. What does that matter to you? Well, it means this is not a side job for us. It is not something we do once or twice a month. We install Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pumps. It is something we do practically every day of the work week. We don’t have to relearn how to install a ductless heat pump each time we install one. We have the expertise so that our Mitsubishi distributor came to Longview to watch our installers install a Hyper-Heating INVERTER technology system when they first came on the market. EXPERIENCE that insures your system works once the breaker is switched on to the heat pump.

Call Renaud Electric Heating & Cooling your Mitsubishi ELITE Diamond Dealer.