When those stormy nights come, a standby generator from Generac or Briggs & Stratton will keep the lights on when your power goes out. It is a great way to wait out the storm.

When Renaud Electric installs a standby generator we are installing peace of mind. We make sure the pump in your water well is still pumping, septic tank keeps operating, lights and TV stay on, and even your big energy users like an electric water heater or your cooktop will be available.

We will take care of the installation from start to finish. Whether you use natural gas or propane, we will assist you with the properly sized generator to keep the lights on in the worst weather. Our installers are factory trained so you can be assured that your new generator is installed to factory specifications.

This is year round work for Renaud Electric. We are installing new generators every day. It is not a sideline for us. Generac has deemed us their go-to company for service as well as sales in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.