I see calmer homeowners in 2016. Homeowners who are no longer worried about the power going out. When the wind blows, they know they will still have power with their standby generator. We installed Generac and GE generators at an astounding pace in 2015. As a Dealer for GE, Kohler and Generac standby generators, our factory trained team of electricians and installers are constantly giving peace of mind to homeowners across Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon.happy-new-year-1448691187WNk

More homeowners are discovering standby generators to protect their homes and give them peace of mind. Renaud Electric Heating & Cooling is your professional, certified, standby generator installer. Generac and GE require our electricians be TRAINED. While any electrician might know the theory, each manufacturer has specific ways they expect their generators to be installed. Certified installers insure your generator will be installed the way it was designed and will work when the power goes out.GE-HGS_10KW_3-4