A Trane heat pump is an important consideration when you are planning to build a new home this next year. While much of what you will be planning is the visual aspects of your new home, a Trane heat pump will create the feel of your home.

Today’s building codes are such that you will have a nice home when completed. Today’s code while important, is the minimum requirements for construction. Building above code to seek higher energy efficiency will be of value for over the life of your home.

While it might be hard to imagine the feel of your home, we all know that a drafty and cold room is no place to live life. A properly sized system and properly designed duct system will give you even heat without drafts.

At Renaud Electric Heating & Cooling we take the time to do a heat loss calculation based on your blue prints. This calculation takes into account:

  • Size and volume of each room
  • Insulation levels in floors, walls and ceilings
  • Window insulation values
  • The climate
  • The direction the house is sitting in relationship to the sun

Some heat pump installers will have their own methods and just wing-it, never a good sign. Trane notes:

“The duct system has a significant impact on system performance and plays an integral role in determining how comfortable your home is from room to room. When properly designed and installed, a duct system can maximize comfort and minimize energy use… Install a properly sized duct system with registers and grilles that deliver air quietly and evenly.”

We live in a region that is perfect for heat pump technology. While we have a few winter days of cold, cold weather and a few summer days of hot, hot weather, it is actually a pretty mild climate. Combine our mild climate with low electrical rates and you have a great equation for a heat pump.

Call Renaud Electric Heating & Cooling, 30-423-1420, when you begin planning your new home. We will assist you in creating that warm homey feeling in your beautiful new home.