Here is a Mitsubishi ductless heat pump we recently installed. When our representative goes to an in-home consultation he (right now they are all guys) never knows whether he will be going; into an attic, dark crawlspace, or the top of a 7 story building with a beautiful view.

The picture is atop a condo building along the shores of the Columbia River. We have updated several homeowner’s ductless systems in this multi-floor condominium. Here are some comments from one of the homeowners:

  • “Victor… not only knew his product well, but never once did I feel pressured…”
  • “Bob, Brent & Romero were the three individuals who did the installation. This letter is not about the unit (which sells itself) [a Mitsubishi ductless system] rather it is about the excellent work ethics, positive attitude and pride in the finished product these three men portrayed. Being in management for the better part of my 82 years, I know good employees when I see them”

We appreciate these comments from “…a very happy customer.” This is what we work toward when we start each morning, creating another very happy customer.

Do you notice the job our installers did? Not many people will see this installation yet the work was done neatly, the area properly cleaned.

Many times much of the work is unseen in attics and crawlspaces. Our installers take pride in their work, so no matter how many people might or might not see their work, they will do a first-rate job.

Mitsubishi has some great rebate offers this month.  Contact us by email or by phone for more information.