Need heat? What happens when a family replaces their heating and cooling system? When a member of our Designteam, a Comfort Specialist, first goes in the home, they check for ways to give your family the greatest comfort at the best value in every inch of your home.
They will look at your current HVAC system and see how it delivers heat and cool to the different rooms of your home. They will look at your ducting to insure it is intact and properly insulated, they will look at your electrical panel and connections to insure you have a safe panel, proper circuits and everything is to code, and then they will look at your current HVAC equipment to see if any modifications or adjustments will be needed to install the new Equipment.
Your Renaud Comfort Specialist will then do a “heat loss calculation.” This measures the amount of heat and the amount of cool that is required to keep your home comfortable in most conditions.
With all this information your Comfort Specialist will show you the Trane heating & cooling systems that will meet your needs and wants. You decide what equipment is your best value and gives you the comfort you are seeking.
The results can be seen in the new equipment. You will see a clean installation with nicely colored boxes, but the greatest results will be what you experience.
What you will experience is that you won’t think about your comfort. In the past you might have thought, “I am too cold,” or “I am too hot,” you will now experience nothing, nothing in the best sense of the word.
When you have the right system installed in your home you will be comfortable and will think of other things. You will forget about it being too cold or too hot, you will be thinking of other things. And when your energy bill comes, you will be paying for comfort at an affordable price instead of survival at an excessive cost.