When it is hot out you don’t want to hear, “No A/C.” Here are some easy to check items to increase your comfort and efficiency. 

Check your filter. Have you forgotten to check your filter? Our techs have arrived at “no cooling” calls to find nothing more than a clogged filter. If it has been a while since you have cleaned or replaced your air filter, DO IT NOW. A clogged filter will reduce the airflow throughout your house. It will cause the coil in your air handler to become a great big ice-ball. The ice-ball will overtax your drain causing unwanted leaks from the air handler. Keep your filter clean.

Set your thermostat in the morning. Keep your thermostat set at a comfortable level. You are not saving money waiting until you get home in the afternoon or evening to cool your home. It takes more energy to lower the temperature 5 or 10 degrees in the evening than to maintain a constant temperature all day.

Set Your Temperature to Your Comfort Level. You bought your heating and cooling system to be COMFORTABLE. The only “right” temperature is the temperature that makes you say, “AAAHHHH.” You have lowered your carbon footprint, your energy usage and your electric bill with your heat pump. Stay comfortable!

Regular Maintenance Safeguards your Comfort. Trane recommends heat pumps be serviced twice a year. A heat pump works all year long both heating and cooling. An AC unit works in the summer and rests over the winter. So regular maintenance by a trained technician, once in the heating season and once in the cooling season is the best way to keep your heat pump going for years and years. The tech will deep clean your coils, check all the components, check refrigerant levels and calibrate or reprogram your thermostat if needed.

You have the power to be comfortable, no matter what the weather outside.